For centuries the Vallee de Joux, widely recognized as the birthplace of Swiss horology, has produced some of the world’s most acclaimed independent watchmakers. Located in the Jura Mountains just 30 miles north of Geneva, it’s harsh winters and stunning natural landscape provide a tranquil setting for craftsmen practicing a rare art form. Countless hours are spent assembling complications behind the wooden desks of an 18th century farmhouse dubbed “La Grand Piece,” the home and atelier of master watchmaker David Candaux.


As a third-generation master watchmaker, David Candaux spent his early years fully immersed in a culture founded upon traditional craftsmanship. After decades of honing his skills through a brilliant career with several renowned watch brands, David is prepared for his next chapter. Through the David Candaux Master-Piece Collection 1740, he brings forth knowledge passed on through generations, skills acquired over a spectacular career, and a valley watchmaker vision of a 21st century Haute Horlogerie.


The Master-Piece Collection 1740 combines contemporary design with traditional watchmaking practices to usher in a new era of handmade luxury timepieces. The streamlined case elegantly protects the handmade complication consisting of 287 individual components.


“Simply put, most watchmakers don’t make watches, Candaux does.”




“The entire ensemble is a beauty, and compels one to keep staring and become totally mesmerized.”



“It’s not every day you meet a mountain-climbing, free-diving, Alpine-horn-loving watchmaker.  David Candaux carries on not just a family tradition, but that of the region he calls home, giving a fresh twist to the heritage that runs through Vallée de Joux.  Introducing the newest member of the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI).”


-Yannick Nardin | FHH Journal-

“My only ambition is to perpetuate the traditions and know-how of the watchmakers of the Vallee de Joux, whose history started in 1740.  I want to be at the service of my customers with an indisputable quality and a high level of customization.  In conclusion, my production is very limited.”


-David Candaux-